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With a future challenged by deforestation, depletion of natural resources and climate change, the Risk Information Alliance calls for a smarter approach to sustainable risk management. 

By collaborating and sharing valuable risk information and expertise, our mission is to align the sustainability efforts of businesses, legislators and consumers to achieve focused and lasting impact. 


While larger enterprises may be equipped to handle the challenges posed by new laws and regulations, many smaller and mid-sized businesses often lack the resources to carry out risk assessments and due diligence in supply chains. A thorough risk assessment can be costly and often requires sustainability expertise as well as local insights. Via its member organisations, the Risk Information Alliance aims to support businesses with a wealth of information, including continuously updated risk assessments and sustainability expertise, empowering them to make informed and impactful decisions. 


As a full or supporting member of the Risk Information Alliance (RIA), your organisation will be part of a shared effort to increase the positive impact of new regulatory efforts and due diligence requirements. By facilitating the sharing and coordinating of risk information and sustainability expertise across multiple organisations, RIA is pioneering a collaborative approach based on the mission and values of its member organisations within the forestry- and agricultural sectors. RIA is only as strong and impactful as the sum of its members. Let’s work together.


The demand for reliable, robust, and harmonized risk data will no doubt increase, as national and regional legislators step up their regulatory responses to the growing threats against climate, nature, and people. Initial support from the ISEAL Innovations Fund, and in-kind contributions from Preferred by Nature and Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) provides a strong foundation. With your support, the Risk Information Alliance will be able to ensure lasting impact.

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